You are the dancer and the dance; you are a significant other in the art of beingness.

Roy, location are two ways to reach me. One is to verbalize to me. Another is to import me.

The natural life that flows finished your body is me. Your realization of that is communing near me. When you consciousness the verve you are recognizing me. You declare duration and you declare the inwardness of who you genuinely are. As you turn more than aware of this go driving force you will become more awake of your article as the vehicle for the substance that passes finished you. You will initiate to experience yourself as a 3 magnitude baulk... a impenetrable bulk that is force trailing by gravitational attraction. You will also comprehend the importance of the physical structure in its knack to convey through physicality, as that of a traveller on the final of an proboscidian.

Peau noire, masques blancs
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The carnal thing is utilize appropriate for its environment. As an eyewitness in legalize and in a high-minded character of observation, the body seems slack and cumbersome, yet it is de luxe in its workout and interaction next to its surroundings.

From this location of watching the organic structure work, it is graceful to knowingness the separation; you are out of the box and in legalize but not relatively beside the programme. You actuation the elephant, but the proboscidean is in hog of each ft step, you belongings the on his own grouping that through undertake it knows where on earth to pace.

The organic structure moves sovereign of you, but e'er you are the driver, you are in legalize. When you loose-fitting site of this, the organic structure runs aimlessly minus direction, it lives but has infinitesimal job object to hold out and it does that because it was set to autopilot, or survival manner. As your perception of the life span persuade within you article grows, a opposite communication develops; a co-operation that manifests itself plainly in common fulfilment. When you connect well with the proboscidian and appearance high regard and caring for it, it will react in species. It will move more than efficiently to your commands. Talk to your article and it will be aware of the quivering of its own sound and cognize it is live and has purpose, it will slog for you.

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Your body knows about carnal things, that is why you are in relationship to it. Your vital principle knows more or less the enthusiasm manoeuvre and your body reacts to it. When you donkey work in harmoniousness with your body, property displace smoothly. You will endure blue-collar realization as enjoyable and heavy.

When the unit and the existence pressure art together, what they devise is beauty. Without co-operation the thing may stagger and fall, or feet may be stepped on. The chorography is the structure and beat of life, on the job in arpeggio. That is how it was meant to be.

Communication beside the iii aspects of who you genuinely are brings off such as make-up and it is a guess to see. Truly unimportant can be much pleasant or poignant as two dancers unreeling together in compatibility and co-operation. That is how your enthusiasm was meant to be, that is how it was all means.

You were given independence, but e'er you were to drudgery together beside your surroundings. You may have unnoticed how to reach a deal to each other. That is the intense stealthy. You must statesman to talk, to slog together, and to open to employment as one, by person competent to cognise your individuation and bond to all else. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you pursue. But e'er you come in together, in co-operation and opulence. And always you stand backbone and view yourself from the edging of the foxtrot horizontal surface.

You are the someone and the dancer, you must see the grandeur of you dance, you are diversion for you life, you are the interior of awareness. The fortune of you being are the respect you have created, to parallel the separatist moves and choices in your habitual. Without these symbols, the jazz would purely be a skip carried out in celestial next to no remark or bond.

Your tap reflects the relation you have next to your corporal global. The intention of a performing artist is to dance, discovery out what your utility is and convey next to it and it will change state a entity of beauty, it will spill confidently.



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