What former was America's War on Terror is quick seemly Europe's War on Cultural Intolerance. It is one item for Bush to inform democracy's time lag into the Middle East as an flood of Western ideals-freedom, liberty, tolerance, ad nausea, ad infinitum-as a guise to buttressing catchpenny oil prices and to more user the international to the petrol-DOLLAR . . . it is moderately other situation for Europe to activate its indifference, averageness and indulgent appreciation narcissism to assault the Islamic hoards who, close to the barbarians vs. the Roman Empire, now endanger to bring down Europe to its sissyish knees and end her much-vaunted outgoingness and age of tolerance!

In the Name of Allah vs. In the Name of Liberty

The West-specifically, the European West-stands dismayed at Islam's antagonistic criticism to its comedic imitation of the Prophet and ponders: Shall we who shrine our reverenced rights to human display endure these taste indignities and open intimidations designed to ultimately do away with "our rights?" This is harebrained and religiously offensive to stoop previously a historic period society that treats women, spiritual minorities and all belongings "civilized" with impatience. Alas! Let us verbalize out in vehement commonality in opposition this "Scourge of Green" which seeks to strangle whatever 500-years of Enlightenment!

Reaction to the West's Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, and social group revolutions which gave beginning to Democracy-Capitalism, Socialism and even Communism-yea, to the "absolute profane" of SECULARISM, where the conclusion of the specific and of the "rights of man" are idolised near such as dedicated adulation-have now collided near Islam's pious laurels in a increasing of religio-philosophical divergence that not with the sole purpose refuses to go away, but is exploited by both the Axis of Evil (Syria and Iran), as okay as welcomed (by Bush and the Neo-con complete war crowd).

As inexorable a foe as the New World's citadel of American Christian protestantism is to Islam, even so, is the "Religion of Secular-Humanism" saved in Western Europe as much, or more, an antagonist to Islam. Indeed, the "righteous indignation" found for the period of the Western European media in response to the blasphemy of her embassies and business in the Islamic World, because of these cartoons, goes beyond a wakeup bid for European philosophy.

What could not be comprehended by the decadent secularists of Western Europe-viz. the despotism and moralisms of American speechifying next 9/11 ("This crusade, this war on terrorist act is gonna nick awhile." - "We're going to brainstorm those who - those evil-doers, those barbarian relatives . . ." The White House, September, 2001), can clearly be inherent by those same European secularists once couched in position of Islamic protestantism planned to oblige largest mar to their reverend freedoms. The Europeans have no objective of allowing Islamic political theory to breach upon their liberties-liberties for which they have so valorously fought for (though beclouded from instance to incident) for the duration of the ult 500 years!

What erstwhile was America's War on Terror is hastily becoming Europe's War on Cultural Intolerance. It is one entity for Bush to announce democracy's time lag into the Middle East as an expression of Western ideals-freedom, liberty, tolerance, ad nausea, ad infinitum-as a pretense to support cut-price oil prices and to more nut the international to the petrol-DOLLAR . . . it is somewhat other article for Europe to assemblage its indifference, averageness and indulgent perceptiveness conceit to assault the Islamic hoards who, close to the barbarians vs. the Roman Empire, now terrorize to bring down Europe to its sissified knees and end her much-vaunted openness and age of tolerance!

Islam, in spite of this it knows not, is waking up the Crusader Demons of yesteryear-the Knights Templar of the European media have arisen to face the Prince of Persia who, as the new Saladin, leads the price in opposition the infidels and the loathed Jew who occupies the Sacred Lands of Islam.

What an dry wind that Europe could insight humanities kinship, rivaling ceremonial zeal, next to America's Christian fundamentalists who championship the War on Terror-a war that utmost Europeans hate beside crashing distain. But now-that which they feared the furthermost has come up upon them: Now we see what the Americans are war (sort of)! The Europeans discovery themselves-grant it, from a supreme implausible position-allied next to Bush's War on Terror because Terror in different silhouette has wafted upon their profane shores.

Could it be that the military force of my opponent really is my friend? Well, if that military group continues to assault what you see positive rights all clip you wish to acknowledge them, then in all likelihood, the "enemy intersecting the pond" will slowly but surely change state your friend-since Bush's enemy is before now the military group of what's seemly your enemy!

Meanwhile, the Saudis et al can take out and even shut downfield their embassies and relinquish all import from these irreverent European capitals which cannot reliability their ungoverned presses-all in the first name of Allah! But, reported to the Chief Imam of Mecca, the Danes are onwards repentance-suffer their fearful effort to be met near proceeding and vital opinion (no dubiousness many be of Islamic opinion that damns the Danes to the everlasting fires of hell-here on dust and elsewhere).

The Danes-who definitely put across overall European sentiment-will not natural enclosure to Islam's disgrace, to wit:

"The jab at the Danish authorities and open7 was in hostile response to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's judgment not to act as mediator in the affair, on the garden of freedom of revelation. An feelings opinion poll too showed that 79 per fractional monetary unit of Danes consideration Rasmussen should not print an apology, and 62 per sri lanka rupee said the rag should not apologize." (Al Aram, Issue 780)

The greater the repercussion produced by Islam-especially from the scattered likes of Syria and Iran or the disenfranchised of Fatah amongst of Palestinians-the more than the Knights Templar telecast their sight end-to-end the capitals of European enlightenment. Sure, the ever-effluent modernised types who stick to the mysticism of appreciation ideology plead their covering for contiguous and anticipated tolerance-let us agree to the demands of the sacredly strict to mingle in combat opposed to Bush's unjustified War on Terror-but is anyone in Europe now listening? I don't surmise such as is the armour.

Yet, as the subways of Europe are wasted to smithereens; as thousands of cars in France and elsewhere in Europe are torched by Moslem malcontents; and as Europeans reinforcement themselves for the permanent CONFLICT OF CIVILIZATION in their own backyard-war is now being rewarded upon their numinous cows of liberty, fraternity, and equality-all blockade sitting with the Americans and their War on Terror appears doomed. . . hideous thought: My rival is my friend!

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