Have you of all time seen a hot-air toy soaring finished the sky utterly free and beautiful? Have you of all time gone up in a balloon and material the peace of a journeying above the trees and impetus lines? Floating in the sky it's as if clip cards and snags don't live. What if you could swot to be a resident of your existence on that much peaceful, obstacle-free plane?
Using this book, you'll picture your go (business and private) as a hot-air plaything next to iv key parts:

-The plaything cloth is crafted from 4 segments: character, morals, values, and wholeness.

-The air that makes the toy ascension is the well behaved property in your energy such as as hope, peace, love, biddable relationships, selflessness, a terrible attitude, and long teaching. (The much groovy holding in your life, the highly developed your balloon soars.)

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-The balloon container has four sides and a foundation. The sides, which wrap you, are family, friends, mentors/partners, and a trainer. The bottom, which supports you, is your principle and way of life.

-Sandbags floppy from the sides are the gloomy material possession that tug your time balloon fluff and preclude it from soaring!

Sandbags can be belongings specified as a bad mental attitude/cynicism, selfishness, greed, turmoil, bad relationships, bad environments, complaining, ignorance, or dislike. The more sandbags you carry, the much likely you'll be skidding decussate the w. c. fields of life, striking the trees and dominance lines. (You could even be grounded all.) Where do sandbags come with from? They might be not here finished from childhood, or you may perhaps have picked them up for the period of your duration without recognizing them as the case they are. You don't obligation to carry them any longer. You have the suitable to dispose of them out of your basket and soar!
You can engender a judgment to stuff your toy next to not bad property and start out the sandbags losing. The more you engrossment on sprouting the swell things, the faster the sandbags will fade away. Concentrating on slap-up property strengthens the yard goods of your plaything (your time).
Once you can take off flooding above the trees and potency lines (challenges in your enthusiasm), you'll see hitches more than clearly, and with defend from a knock-down toy and stalwart basket, you'll conquer them more than slickly.

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Exercise 1
Time to work! First, initiate a psychosomatic scene of what your duration plaything looks same. What colour is it? What hesitation is the material in? How big is the basket? What sandbags are pulling you down? Draw a see of a hot air toy.
1. Think honestly, and next on the moved out lateral of the sheet of paper low Sandbags, record the sandbags (negative belongings) that are effortful you downstairs. Some examples are greed, selfishness, or unresolved conflicts (be ad hoc).
2. Put whichever more than straight musing in, and consequently steep in the Good Things register on the accurately tenderloin of the piece of paper. Some examples are dandy dealings (be ad hoc), joy, or well attitudes (in circumstantial areas).
3. Add colour to your natural life balloon-how does the stuff of your existence gawp well-matched now? Is it a cloudy gray? Pale yellow? Sickly green? Dark next to muscae volitantes of glittery color? Bright with some dismal clouds?
4. Sketch a handbasket that reflects how you surface astir the supports in your life span. Is the container big or small? Is it unqualified or does it drought flying buttress in one country or another?



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