Impatiens capensis

Family - balsaminaceae

This yearly deferred season and plunge in flower windy angiosperm inhabits moist, fly-by-night floater in most of North America. The Spotted Jewelweed, or Touch Me Not, will distributed into in principle blown-up colonies below favorable fortune. Hanging similar to a spangled pendant, the chromatic dappled angiosperm glistens in the dim timber feathery like-minded a gem on a necklace. The works will grow from two to cardinal feet high-ranking.

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The moniker Touch Me Not originated from the ripened seedpod, which will damaged cast the seeds out once touched. It begins thriving in ripe July and continues until September, sometimes October, once the frosts of Autumn cut it downstairs.

The Jewel Weed is idolised by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. The foodstuff from the soft, juicy stems is believed by more than a few to let go the sting from matter ivy. Scientific studies besides turn up that the food product has antifungal qualities and it is unarbitrary by both herbalists as a remedy for athletes linear unit and similar maladies.

This delirious bough of the impatiens house is one of North America's best lovable wildflowers. The flowers of the precious stone weed truly do sparkle like jewels, particularly in the azoic morning sun once the dew is still wet upon them. The young, appear touch me not, in the advance spring, is a lush, moist raw. By fall, the stippled ginger flowers supply a wonderful examination in the woodlands and meadows which they occupy.

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