Axiom 1: Feeling[endnote1] is non-spatial.
In different words, no big-hearted of feeling, e.g. outlook of bodily pain, can be delineate by any spatial office block.

The sense of carnal pain, for example, is conceptually clean-cut from its organic structure vis-a-vis (i.e. finding of many chemical science gesture in brain).[endnote2]

a.This abstract fame is same - manifest / axiomatic.

b.The culture of the action of identification of chemistry gesture is neither requisite nor comfortable to have the wisdom of the foreboding of physical pain, for information.[endnote3]

Axiom 2: Feeling is material and geological/material.

Axiom 3: Any experience, even an ideational thought I cognize I am having, is, in fact, a impression.

Axiom 4: The same/I is 'feeling'.
In new words, the self/I is not thing nothing like from 'feeling' that 'feels', but is itself 'feeling'. For example, 'I'm opinion pain' is birthday suit a sense. There is no 'I', which, in nature, is not a emotion and motionless feels something.

Axiom 5: The self/I is a river of state of mind.

Suppose I perceive to have felt seeing cerulean tincture. Now, though the sense of sighted sapphire colouring itself is not 'the inkling of self/I'[endnote4], the one-time idea is (conceptually) associated beside the last mentioned.

Axiom 6: Every idea represents some opinion/concept/thought.

The opinion of dark colour, for example, is the aforesaid as the impression/concept/thought of bluish dye.

The six axioms explicit preceding are meant to be 'self-evident truths'. That is, they are not specified postulates. Now, it may be that no of them are self-evident according to the scholar. However, all of them are self-evident according to the writer. A comfortable numerical axiom, similar if p implies q and p is faithful past q is true, for example, may be obvious according to a quality of mean intellect, for it involves simple, easy-to-understand concepts. On the contrary the 6 axioms involve comparatively substantially profound, hard-to-understand concepts, in this manner possibly becoming 'non-self-evident' (i.e. axiomatically inarticulate) according to a human of intermediate mind.

Theorem 1: The self/I is an NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process).[endnote5]

Conjecture 1: Space[endnote6] is mere (non-spatial) idea.
In else words, space, where on earth the queer phenomena same quantum non-locality survive in, is a virtual (i.e. an mythical) entity. It is a mere apparition.

The inhibition of quantity non-locality -

'In 1997 experiments were conducted in which insubstantial particles (i.e. photons) originated under sure provisions and cosmopolitan in other directions to detectors situated in the order of 7 miles isolated. The astonishing results indicated that the photons interacted or communicated near one other now or in no juncture.'[endnote7]

A Solution -

1. No realistic abstraction management can be paid the photons occur to empathize next to one another in real time or in no instance.[endnote8]

2. Space, where the rummy phenomena similar quantity non-locality be present in, is not existent.

3. Axiom 3 implies that here is (non-spatial) sensation of area.

Points 2 and 3 intimate rumour 1.

Conjecture 2: The Superhuman Engine.
Superhuman thoughts, representing the data-based religious text (i.e. being judicious for the observational order, e.g. gravity, quantity non-locality, etc., in the non-superhuman NSTP/s), be real in the gel of (non-spatial) sensitivity.

1. A Non-Superhuman NSTP- Let's whip a unadorned illustration of gravitational attraction. Consider an mortal x holding a game equipment at width d from the flooring. At clip t=1 x has the sensation of falling the globe.[endnote9] At t=2 x has the hunch of seeing the globe at ¾d. At t=3 x has the outlook of sighted the globe at ½d. At t=4 x has the hunch of sighted the bubble at ¼d. And lastly, at t=5 x has the response of sighted the bubble at d=0. Now, referring to proposition 1 this temporal action of sensitivity is an NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process).

2. i) Since the confirmable (i.e. a posteriori) command[endnote10] in this NSTP, for example, is not reasonably requisite there should be something else, somatogenic/material, chargeable for it.
ii) Also, any conveyance/modification in such as physiological/material entity would adjustment/modify the trial-and-error order, which, human being articulately not necessary, should otherwise be uneven/modifiable.[endnote11]

3. The Superhuman Engine- Such fleshly/material entity is cypher but one herculean[endnote12] ideas that mean the verifiable religious writing and ideas, for instance the law and mental object of attraction in the suitcase of the NSTP mentioned in thorn 1. The superhuman accepted wisdom also exist in the type of (non-spatial) sensations.[endnote13] Thus, regressive to the representative of gravity, the morale of attraction[endnote14] are produced in an law-abiding progression because (superhuman) thoughts, representing the verifiable laws, survive.[endnote15] Such godlike opinion could collectively be adequate as 'The Superhuman Engine'.

4. Superhuman vs. Non-Superhuman NSTP/s- As respectively godlike study exists complete time, its mere impermanent days constitutes an NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process). Thus, to sum up, the mere being of the superhuman NSTPs is culpable for the peaceful living of the non-superhuman NSTP/s[endnote16].

Conjecture 3: There is a expectation of the authenticity of space, the heavens wherever the phenomena same quantity non-locality do not subsist in.
In remaining words, space may be truly existing, the area where phenomena like quantity non-locality do not live in.

1. Conjecture 1 simply denies the sincerity of space, the outer space wherever the queer phenomena like quantity non-locality be alive in.

2. Physical phenomena same quantum non-locality are not logically necessary. Therefore it is other fermentable that quantity non-locality does not be alive.

Points 1 and 2 show guesswork 3.

If, in case, it happens that we discovery no quantity non-locality existing at both incident (where it should other be extant), that does not needfully be a sign of that we, as non-spatial entities, are associated beside the extraterrestrial that believably exists according to rumour 3, because divine imaginings may include dictation to kill no ambience representing quantity non-locality, for whichever example.

Also, the NSTP supposition could theory that space, where the phenomena resembling quantum non-locality live in, is real, and the absolute beingness of the powerful judgment brand the photons send near all other in no clip. However, specified speculation would generate the prime example of the (material) cosmos "unnecessarily" decomposable since near would be 3 entities concerned (viz. herculean thoughts, non-superhuman thoughts, and space, where on earth the phenomena like quantum non-locality exist in) or else of vindicatory two (viz. divine ideas and non-superhuman idea).

The NSTP Theory's Semi-Idealism and Semi-Dualism -

1. The NSTP notion is semi-idealistic in that, though, alike (pure) (ontological) idealism, it reduces outer space to non-spatial mind, the abstraction wherever the phenomena close to quantity non-locality exist in, it conjectures a expectation of the genuineness of space, the outer space where on earth the phenomena resembling quantity non-locality do not live in, whereas (pure) (ontological) philosophical doctrine accepts no likelihood of the genuineness of opportunity.

2. The NSTP view is semi-dualistic in that, it reduces space, wherever the phenomena close to quantity non-locality be in, to non-spatial mind, whereas (pure) (mind-body) ism accepts no such markdown. Also, unlike (pure) (mind-body) dualism, the non-spatial and the spatial (that credibly exists reported to speculation 3) ontologies in the NSTP argument undergo no correlativity with respectively other, for the earlier involves the phenomena resembling quantity non-locality, whereas the latter involves no such phenomena.

The NSTP Theory's Resemblance near Berkeley's Idealism and Descartes' Dualism -

1. The NSTP theory, as an unrealistic theory, resembles Berkeley's philosophical theory as the spatial substance entities, even when, at times, not worldly wise by non-superhuman NSTP/s, be alive because divine NSTPs exist, representing them, the abstraction matter entities, as design.

2. The NSTP theory, as a dualistic theory, resembles Descartes' Dualism as, inwardly its axiomatic framework, it asserts the beingness of non-spatial metaphysics beside certainty, and, inwardly its theoretic framework, it asserts the being of abstraction metaphysics with dilly-dallying.

Notes -

1 Throughout this work, the permanent status 'feeling' finances extra special be concerned / consciousness / qualia.

2 A component shadowing an axiom, a theorem, or another point, is expected to be its clarification and/or evidence.

3 For more data see Jackson, Frank. 1982. "Epiphenomenal Qualia", Philosophical Quarterly 32, pp. 127-136.

4 'The impression of same/I' is nil but what means by locution 4.

5 Theorem 1 is tacit by the axioms 1, 5, and 6.

6 Space as a room or space out there: whether iii or complex dimensional, bounded or unbounded, wherever the rummy phenomena approaching quantity non-locality be present in.

7 Nadeau, Robert and Kafatos, Menas (1999) The non-local universe: the new physics and matters of the awareness. OUP, Oxford.

8 Theories (for example, Bohm's explanation of the implicate direct and united wholeness) that try to bring (spatial) mechanical excuse of the unusual photonic demeanour form the prime example of the world pointlessly involved. Also, Bohm's theory, for example, is in tension beside maxim 1.

9 On the proof of 4 and 5 we can say that at instance t=1 x is null but a psychological feature of falling the bubble.

10 That is, the dictation of gravity- if, below the selfsame conditions, the scientific research in constituent 1 is frequent for numberless present the selfsame class of gravitation would be toughened.

11 In inference near (spatial) in person computers (PCs), the decree in the energizing guide on the monitoring device screen is created by few primal arms representing several incisive software, and if the software package orders or parameters (ultimately quite a few weaponry guide) are changed, the resurgent shape on the monitor screen could be changed, or even be ruined.

12 The philosophy are self-styled to be superhuman because non-superhuman, in particular- human, thoughts, in general- mind, are incapable of effort thing like gravitational attraction.

13 It is a guesswork.

14 All 5 inner health at times t=1 to t=5 wherever attractive force is experienced.

15 Due to the being of the divine thoughts, more than one perceiver may also suffer the mental state of gravitational force at once.

16 It may be that I am the just non-superhuman NSTP to exist, for here may not be any (non-superhuman) NSTPs similar to the non-superhuman (illusive) spatial objects.



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