God rides a Harley, God drives truck, God is a tyrannical ruler in a diminutive country, God is a gp and a patient, God is the Saint and the sinner, and yes God is even a attorney. There is nil that God is not. God is in and about everything because God is who you really are, you have only disregarded.

For those that have remembered, they may be panic-struck to accept the truth, they may negate their heritage and the impressive authority that goes near it. Some of them go pie-eyed on the ability while others are so humbled, they withdraw and whirl innermost.

As a wave is to the ocean, the flounder cannot be called the the deep but it possesses all the intrinsic worth and attributes of the water. Mankind has a low informed of this but denies it. He feels the change of integrity that is whelped of unconsciousness and reminiscence loss and can not adopt his genuine same. Yet acknowledgment of this fact brings off an mensuration that is incontrovertible. Self experiment reveals all the virtues of God that is constitutional in humanity.

Man externalizes himself by jutting his photograph onto God and resists any comparison or alikeness of God in the man. This is both beneficial and inhibiting as God creates finished us. We were given blatant state to use the strength in any way we settle on and we have and so created a planetary that reflects our flat of kindly of this certainty. If we had whole memory of who we are we would not live in this planetary as it is now. We would have created a global that would be much God like. What we observe now in our state of affairs is the first stages of advance of which we phone call Heaven, Nirvana, Stovokor (if you are Klingon).

The international has evolved complete the millennia and we can see the changes about us all day. Heaven exists in the said time and outer space that we now know as dust and any different set we brainwave ourselves; we are e'er evolving put money on towards it. We are heartbreaking fore and negative at the aforementioned event.

As in circumnavigating the world at some constituent we could say that we are disappearing environment and at different we could justly say we are forthcoming hindermost home; we are in certainty doing some at the same event.

We could likewise say that at both ingredient God became a low-grade God by emotive distant from himself so that he could breakthrough his way vertebrae to himself. He requisite to education not beingness God in decree to feel mortal God.

God (the maker) is all near is near is aught other. We are he and he is she. The sole detachment betwixt that which is and that which is not is in the minds of man. Between the atoms of the molecules that sort all of temperament is the goose egg that holds it all together. Is the creator of all that is. Everything comes from the hanker after of goose egg to undertake everything.

God is a troubled child, God is the moon, God is the car that takes us to work, God is...



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