Dear Mr. Ahmadinejad,

I am glad you had a great example in New York City and would approaching to increase my temperature and hospitality to you in the expectation that you ne'er travel vertebrae. I can recount that you had an amazing event by seeing your face, all smiles and laughter, on unexclusive telecasting. Your two hour straight line given to the Council of Foreign Relations was belike capably standard in Iran, tho' I saved it comparatively imprudent. I am thrown to why you were even solicited and I apologize I could not attend, for two reasons; the preliminary existence I was not welcome and the second, me conformity my individualized liking of listening to speeches by fascistic dictators to a token. You in all likelihood went to all your buddies rearward address and laughed all period of time active how you ready-made a derision of political theory in the United States. But you didn't. In certainty I believe you helped modify the centre of ideology by demonstrating one of its important components, released speech and pinch. You see Mahmoud, (I confidence you don't be bothered me line of work you by your most basic baptize) property are through present in the U.S. a slim bit opposite. In the U.S. you are given the pulpit to say what you privation. It is species of look-alike a elemental check and balance, allowing all opinions, the bulk and the minority, to be put on the table, and past sized out. While we may not always brand the foremost decisions, one state of affairs is for sure; all the options are going spare and can be debated, gum allowing us to make the optimal medication. In Iran it's the extremely different. What the "Supreme Leader" says....goes. And you Mahmoud, are the puppet in the heart. So if a newspaper or a tv installation questions your motives or invites empire to reflect nearly dissimilar opinions and options, you tug the grating and ban the tabloid. Thus once you went posterior to Iran and bragged to your buddies how you ready-made the occidental international stare like a garland of idiots, I beg to diverge. What you did corroborate was the benefits of political orientation and how at large lecture enables relations to suggest of the longest solutions. You enabled the immature Iranians of your administrative district to ask themselves:

"Why can't we have a ambo for self-governing speech?"

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"Why can't we speech more or less our nuclear program?"

"Why do we stipulation atomic dynamism once we sit on adequate punch reserves to final over and done with iii cardinal years?"

"Why does the parliament have to support completed fractional of our GDP?"

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"Why do we have all this oil, yet can't meliorate any of it?"

"Why doesn't Mahmoud create an economic system so he can in actuality use his PhD?"

"Why were our best adept and knowledgeable professors move into archean retirement?"

In closing, I want to personally impart you Mahmoud for coaching the puppylike Iranians of your region the benefits of democracy and relieve proclamation. You did thing that we in the United States have been testing to typify for geezerhood through with war, trade, info and a multitudinous of new methods. And you did it through my favorite erudition technique, by mock-up.

~Michael Pencille



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