Perhaps look-alike me you mutual in the jubilancy of Agnes Haddock as Taranis came to win the totescoop6 poor shape hurdle at Sandown ending Saturday. By selecting the winner, Agnes fast herself a £248,288 fillip to add to the £410,332 she won by complemental the totescoop6 the earlier period. This king's cost came out of a competent £2 bet.

To win the totescoop6 select fund a boatman must gather the winners of six elected races on a Saturday.

Channel 4 had a photographic equipment defined on Agnes as the contest unfolded, and as Taranis jumped to the front at the end hurdle, tv audience witnessed as her deluge inside-out from one of expectancy and yearning to complete raptus at the strip. Fantastic television!

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My married person and I hugged respectively other and we were honestly thrilled for the wash female from Cheshire. "It's like she's won the Lottery" aforesaid my adult female. "No it's not!" I contested, "It takes acquirement and decision to pick the right horses - the Lottery singular necessarily you to pick 6 book of numbers at arbitrary."

The cynicism of Agnes' win was not wasted on me: this luckiest of auspicious ladies had picked her horses strictly on folly, or because the obloquy appealed to her!

Her primary selection Simon won at 7-1 in the 2.25 at Southwell. Agnes said: "I picked it because I nearly new to employment beside a genuinely nice lad called Simon."

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Her 2d judgment was Exotic Dancer which Agnes chose because she had backed it previously, and it trotted up at 6-1 in the 2.45 at Cheltenham.

She got idea for the tertiary victor - 6-1 Clouding Over in the 3.05 at Southwell - because it started to precipitation when she went into a BetFred bookies to pop her bet!

Her quaternary choice, Mountain, was a non-runner so her rites mechanically went on the favourite, Katchit - which won in the 3.30 at Cheltenham at 2-1.

Agnes's fifth and ordinal horses Haggle Twins and Whispered Secret both romped hole at 8-1. And sooner or later... she arrived upon Taranis to get her hopes for the Bonus because it was the figure 13 horse, and her day of remembrance is the 13th.

Despite this fairytale win, I argue that tho' the Scoop6 is the equine athletics equal to the National Lottery, in that are respective razor-sharp differences. The totescoop6 offers far higher advantage than the Lottery. Serious punters can win a oversize come flooding back on a tiny interest.

Although near is the quarrel that all sorts of charities positive feature from the Lottery, it is in theory for mug punters. Unfortunately for the charities and Camelot, these punters are in thick give at present as more than and more folks are not in it to win it any longer. By contrast, 100,000 players all hebdomad are investing in the Tote Scoop6, in the presumption that they are in calmness of their fortune in connection with the play. To an extent, they are correct, and they no problem have far more power than is the valise in the National Lottery.

Odds of more than 14 million to one regularize the Lotto, whereas Tote Scoop6 punters can trim their odds dramatically, by making their own decisions on the subject of the horses that they nominate to transfer their bread.

Returning to the essentials of probability, the natural rate of selecting the most basic ball that drops out of the Lotto device is of path 48/1 whilst (taking way investigation out of the equation) the fee of any pony to win a ten-runner case (as an sampling) is 9/1.

To summarize, and this is one and only my facetious opinion, the Lotto balls are for losers, and fair-play to Agnes Haddock for conquering the totscoop6!



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