Have you of all time cognitive content that you may possibly privation to put in cooperation your own will? Here is a instance you can use.


I, Theodore B. Edwards, of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, affirm this to be my Last Will and Testament and herewith revoke all prior wills and codicils.

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I supply my whole estate, with but not narrow to, any and all automobiles, furniture, furnishings, china, silverware, jewelry, ornaments, plant of art, books, pictures, and exhausting apparel, but excluding hard currency on hand, mutually next to any security thereon, to my wife, Heather Edwards provided she survives me by ninety (90) days. If she fails to do so, all of my tactile personal property shall be tined commonly among my children, as they may agree, or in the skiving of agreement, or if any of them is a minor, as my Executor may guess appropriate, in my Executor's sole discretion; provided that articles which my Executor considers badly chosen for my secondary beneficiaries may be sold-out and the issue thence superimposed to my component part property. My Executor may, without added responsibility, administer geographical region impermanent to a minor under this writing to the minor or to any causal agent to grab for the lesser. If none of the above beneficiaries live me by 90 (90) days, this heritage shall oversight and be spread-out as slice of my component part belongings.


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I grant the matter of my property to my wife, Heather Edwards, provided that she survives me by xc (90) life. If my wife, Heather Edwards, should fall short to live me by 90 (90) days, I bestow the residue of my estate to be partitioned equally among my offspring who last my alteration by cardinal (90) days. In the circumstance no of the above beneficiaries last me by cardinal (90) days, the deposit of my estate shall be splashed to Christopher Todd Edwards.


No excitement of any beneficiary below this Will or any Codicil hereto shall be question to anticipation or self-imposed or nonvoluntary disaffection.


I get somebody on board Christopher Todd Edwards, Executor of this my Last Will and Testament. In the circumstance that he is noncompliant or not sufficiently expert to act, I invite Kristen Fisher as second-string Executor of this my Last Will and Testament.


My Executor shall not be unavoidable to report a devotion in this or any some other legal power.


In the occurrence that any human being who is suitable to system of my holding shall not have reached the age of 18 years, consequently their respective shares shall be control in material possession. I constitute Christopher Todd Edwards as Trustee. In the occasion that Christopher Todd Edwards shall at any circumstance be or change state not disposed or inept to service as Trustee, I appoint Kary Fisher as Successor Trustee.


The Trustee shall disconnect the Trust into as many another coordinate shares as in that are individuals under the age of 18. Each allocation shall comprise and be administered and far-flung by the Trustee as a set apart Trust.


The Trustee shall employ and circulate the net funds and primary of respectively of the shares as follows:

(1) The Trustee shall pay to or use for the ability of each church property in time unit or new favorable installments so considerably of the net capital from his or her quota of the Trust estate, up to the unharmed thereof, as the Trustee in his or her liberty deems judicious for the straitlaced care, support, maintenance, and training of each church property. At the end of such year the Trustee shall store up and add to the of import of all beneficiary's ration of the Trust estate the balance, if any, of the aforementioned net revenue.

(2) When such as church property attains the age of 21 years, the Trustee shall thenceforth pay to or use for the help of specified church property all of the net income and chief in his or her share of the material possession holding.

(3) If at any instance in the liberty of the Trustee a spiritualty should be in status of pecuniary resource for his or her strait-laced care, support, maintenance, and education, the Trustee shall in his or her discretion, in totalling to the payments hereinabove provided, pay to or utilise for the blessing of such as spirituality amounts from the main of his or her stock certificate of the property estate, up to the full thereof, as the Trustee may from example to clip hold advisable.

(4) If any beneficiary for whom a proportion of the Trust Estate has been set excursion should die anterior to attaining the age of 21 years, upon the extermination of such beneficiary the Trustee shall administer both the meted out and unvaried portions of each cut and incomplete quota in accord near the component part clause of this my Last Will and Testament.


My Executor and Trustee shall, in enhancement to the powers specified by law, have the succeeding powers:

(1) To accept in large-hearted and hold any actual or in person wealth which I may own at the event of my change.

(2) To plough in or acquisition any make of property, legitimate or personal, minus regulation as to juristic investments for fiduciaries.

(3) To go at unrestricted or one-on-one sale, rotate or material possession for any extent of event any genuine or in-person property, and to tender options for gross revenue and leases.

(4) To borrow savings from any beginning without liability on the quantity of the lenders, to see to the postulation thereof, and to mortgage or declaration any valid or personalized geographic area.

(5) To list securities and remaining wealth held by the assume property in the mark of a campaigner or in traveler profile.

(6) To compromise any contend by or against my property or any property confirmed hereafter minus instruct of Court of say-so of any church property.

(7) To publicize property in benevolent.

(8) To rivet ratified counsel, investment advisors, accountants, and custodians and to pay the judicial fees and reimbursement of aforementioned from the of import of any belongings planted hereafter.

(9) To penalise and utter all instruments of words needful or right for the use of any Trustee government.


I face that all legacies and all shares and wonder in my estate, whether primary or income, patch in the custody of my Executor, shall not be thesis to attachment, execution, or separation for any debt, contract, duty or liability of any beneficiary or spiritualty and shall not be subject matter to pledge, assignment, conveyance, or anticipation.


I send the fee by my Executor out of the portion of my holding any and all transfer, estate, inheritance and temporal arrangement taxes, whether State or Federal, or both, which may increase and go collectable by rational motive of my death, whether or not the property, fitting or curiosity by defence of which such as tax accrues or is collectable shall go by below my Will. It is my directed that no such as tax shall be hot hostile any individual or prepaid out of any cause or money whatever, other than my component part estate; and that no tax shall be apportioned, either within or in need the component part material possession.


I through the clearance by my Executor out of my holding the outlay of my end illness, funeral, and interment as immediately after my ending as may be handily through.


I straight that my sediment be fain of in accord next to Jewish law.


In the case of my demise and the disappearance of my wife, Heather Edwards, if she does not go me by ninety (90) days, I plant Kristen and Michael Jones Guardians of the individual for all my offspring who have not reached the age of eighteen (18) age.


I unswerving that any material possession impermanent hereinafter shall not be needful to come in bond or else guarantee in any Court or legal power in which aforesaid material possession may be called upon to act.


The "Executor" or any closed-class word nearly new to betoken the Executor, or any some other fiduciary, shall be deemed to employ to one or much than one soul or firm and to the masculine, feminine, or sterilize masculinity.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereafter set my mitt and fixing this day of , 2002.

_________________________________________ THEODORE B. EDWARDS



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