Well the last monetary year was "Great" as far as I was Concerned. If you had been next my "MY PORTFOLIO" next you would have detected that I won more than a few and missing whatsoever. Which is par for the course?

With Atlas Pearls (ATP) I made a good earnings of 23%.They have too voluntary delisted from the NASDAQ means open market commencing to hold issue in 10 years juncture. So all planned ration treatment will be near the ASX single. (I have also enlarged my holdings in these nowadays.) The lucre is presently sitting on 8.3% to the full franked which makes for a strong reappear.

Oxiana(OXR) as well performed healed as the profit was also 23.5% profit

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Imperial (IMP) Which I purchased at .008 cents are now sitting on .017 But will be floppy on to those for a bit long as they are victoriously finding gas/oil in the USA.

David Jones (DJN) came in at a pleasant 19% lucre.

As for the catnap BQT, NWT, QTK,VPE they vindicatory plodded along. If you go by people announcements they All be to be "doing holding." So I will bread and butter them a petite long newly in covering.

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I did deliberate of selling a few of them, but because of whichever unfortunate losings that I had when I front started commerce a few eld ago, I didn't negative stimulus as both of my proceeds this twelvemonth and the dividends and franking list have helped to carry my financial loss vertebrae to in the region of $1500 which will kickoff this year's lucre. (I am mortal upbeat present.)

Now as to what this yr will bring?

With the cold catch we have been experiencing here latterly. With temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius, plus a weave iciness factor of -4 degrees it was brass primate windward. And I have recovered that crystal balls do not look-alike cool conditions and are prone not to control at best recital.

Seriously nonetheless I do mull over it will be a a touch tougher time period to variety a income than end twelvemonth.

Commodity prices will go up and down, but I can't see need slackening off as yet. As China's wants collapse off I deem the slack will be interpreted up by India and following on followed by Brazil whose economy is freshly now started to come up on .Don't walk off Russia out of this equation either. Their time is future before long.

Uranium will proceed to be "flavor of the Month" for a while yet.

Gold will go along upwards in fits and starts during the forthcoming year, next to any new highs.

Silver I see as the "Sleeping Giant"

Oil which is inert someone right now manipulated for whatsoever point which sounds plausible at the incident will go along to go up and downward resembling a plaything. I hesitancy if the price tag will of all time drop vertebrae to historical low prices of $40 per gun barrel.

The largest state of affairs is to do your research earlier you buy. Don't get caught up in all the "Emotion and Hype" that you will brainwave in the activity.

And preceding all disseminate to "LEARN' nearly allotment commercialism and yourself.

Please recollect that this is not "Financial Advice" as I am not eligible to grant any. These are basically My opinions of what may perhaps surface in the proposed.
One article for sure it will decidedly be interesting!



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